"A Dancer Reads" reading contest winners
28 students read dance related books from September 11th -October 14th
These students read more than 23,600 pages during the month .
Our reading royalty each read more than 1100 pages
Our reading queen read  4,861 pages. She was crowned on October 27,2017
Cystic Fibrosis Fund Raiser
October 21, 2017
Students at Miss Joyce's have been raising money for the Cystic
Fibrosis Foundation to help with research for over 30 years by
performing acrobatics skills for three hours.
$432.00 was raised this year
Christmas Party for students
December 16, 2017
Picture Gallery
Information booth at Little Folks Festival
sponsored by Stokes Partnership for Children
Mt. Olive Elementary School
April 29, 2017
A demonstration of our preschool program was
given with audience participation .
National Dance Week
April 24 -29, 2017
We celebrated by bringing our friends
to class FREE. Current students could
also receive an extra class FREE
during this special week. Everyone
enjoyed the home made cookies.
Snowflake Classes
January 14 February 25, 2017
Creative Movement, Acrobatics and Ballet
Students with their certificates at last class
               Taylor                                         Edith
            Melody                                        Bella                                        Amelia
              Queen Mckenzie
Taylor, Hailey
Bella, Cora, Rebecca
Hailey was the top fund raiser
local prizes were donated by Bubble Me
Pink, Dairi-o, Talley's Flower Shop and Miss
Joyce's Dance Studio
Bring a Friend Week
October 9-14, 2017
Students brought friends to class
and all enjoyed home made
cookies and lemonade.
Dancer Badge
Members of four different girl scout troops
have fulfilled their requirements for their
dancer badge at the studio this year. Troop
02335 from Rural Hall came on Feb. 6 and
Troop 02331 from Old Richmond came on
Feb. 20.
Community Outreach 2016-17
Miss Joyce's Dance Studio adopted a
kindergarten class at Mt. Olive Elementary
school this year. I worked with this class
using creative movement skills.
The studio was also a business partner with
Jefferson Elementary and Poplar Springs
Elementary schools.
All students who turned in their reading list received
a certificate from the King Public Library. A picture
and story appeared in the Nov. 9 edition of
Stokes News.
Thank you to the King and Walnut
Cove libraries for assisting with this contest.
Carolina Dance Masters. Inc.
November 18-19, 2017