"Not Too Scary" Haunted House
October 31, 2018 6-8pm
This is a unique performing opportunity for our students. The "Not Too Scary" Haunted House  is
for children age 10 and younger and their parents. Unlike haunted houses set up for teens, this is a
safe alternative for younger children that has
no blood, gore, chainsaws or grabbing. It has been
held for over 20 years and is the highlight of Halloween for several children. The 50¢ admission fee
pays for pizza for the students working. Students participate as characters or tour guides, building
scenery and working as sound crew. This year several people toured the "Not Too Scary" Haunted
Maze. Over 850 trick or treaters were given treats as Miss Joyce's Dance Studio participated in  
downtown King trick or treat.
Performance Gallery
Tri-State Dance Contest
Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, Asheville ,NC
March 29-31, 2019
KingFest Performance
October 6, 2018
Performance at Priddy Manor
Assisted Living
December 27 , 2018
musical theatre, lyrical students and dance
company members performed for residents and
Stokes Stomp Performances
September 8, 2018
All routines competed in Advanced level. The Greatest Show, Faster Car and
Spring received 1st place Gold ratings. Kool Kidz and Two to One received
2nd place High Gold ratings. Sunny Came Home, Mozart, Scherzo and Pink
Panther received 1st place  High Gold ratings. Pink Panther also received 1st
place Teen Line and a special judges award. A Letter to Mom received 1st
place Platinum rating  and 2nd place overall Senior solo
Meet Me on Main Performance
April 27, 2019
If It Flies
Spring Production
June 9, 2018
The maze
                      Pink Panther                                                 Scherzo for Motorcycle & Orchestra                                     Spring                                                 Kool Kidz                            The Greatest Show
Sunny Came Home                   A Letter to Mom                         Mozart String Quartet                                                Two to  One                                                 Mirror                                 Faster Car
Action photos by Starfire Media Inc.