Performance Gallery

Stokes Stomp

Sept. 14, 2019


Oct. 5, 2019


Tri-State Dance Contest

Thomas Wolfe Auditorium

Asheville, NC

March 29-31,2019

Action photos by Starfire Media Inc.
 All routines competed in Advanced level. The Greatest Show, Faster Car and 
 Spring received 1st place Gold ratings. Kool Kidz and Two to One received 
 2nd place High Gold ratings. Sunny Came Home, Mozart, Scherzo and Pink 
 Panther received 1st place  High Gold ratings. Pink Panther also received 1st 
 place Teen Line and a special judges award. A Letter to Mom received 1st 
 place Platinum rating and 2nd place overall Senior solo 

Spring Production

Amphitheatre Central Park King, NC

June 5, 2021

Meet Me on Main
Downtown King
June 5, 2021