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Miss Joyce’s Dance Studio was established in June of 1970. At that time, there was no dance school in Stokes county. Having  traveled to Winston-Salem for ten years to take dance lessons at Dorminy Studios, I was one of the few children in Stokes county who had that opportunity. In 1965-66 as a high school senior, I opened a small studio south of King in a building that my parents owned. I taught one day a week. I had been teaching for Miss Dorminy since I was 13 and had taught ballet classes in Mt. Airy. The  students that I taught that year so wanted to dance. My earlier plans to become a pharmacist were put aside. I was bit by the love of teaching dance and running my own business. I closed the studio in June and left for Texas in September to attend Texas Christian University which has the oldest degree program in ballet in the United States. I worked during college in the chemistry store room on campus and for the Ft. Worth Parks & Rec. Dept. as a playground director and teaching baton and acrobatics at recreation centers. My college courses included theatre and music as well as dance. They prepared me well for my career. Texas Christian University is a liberal arts school not a conservatory. With my BFA degree in hand, I opened Miss Joyce’s Dance Studio.

Teaching Philosophy

Realizing that dance is a living art and that constant study is required to be able to give my students the best dance education possible. I contacted Dance Masters of America, Inc. the oldest professional dance teachers organization in the United States.. I took the entrance examinations in ballet and tap. Having passed both exams, I became a member of Dance Masters of America, Inc and chapter #15 Carolina Dance Masters, Inc. in 1972. I have remained a member in good standing of DMA and CDM throughout the years keeping my continuing education certification current. In the 1990’s I took and passed my acrobatics exam. In 2008 – 2011, I attended teachers training school of DMA in Buffalo , NY. I took sixteen exams to graduate in 2011. I am currently certified by test to teach Ballet,Tap, Jazz, Modern and Acrobatics by Dance Masters of America, Inc. I have served on various committees for Carolina Dance Masters,Inc. I have been elected to the board of directors of Carolina Dance Masters, Inc.five times   Our jazz instructor took her examinations in jazz and ballet and is also a member of DMA. She attended DMA teachers training school is 2016.


I believe that every child who wants to dance receives many benefits from dance instruction that will help them throughout their life even if they never dance professionally. More scientific studies are showing the benefits of dance every day. To make dance available to more students, our tuition prices are kept very reasonable with the monthly tuition for 30 minute class at $32.00, 45 minute classes $36.00 and one hour classes $40.00. These are not combination classes so you are only taking the type of class that you want to take. There is a $15.00 discount on the third type of class taken and family discounts of 15% for the second child and 20% for the third child. These discounts are also available for a parent taking a class. Our makeup class policy is very flexible. If your child misses a class for any reason they may take another class of the same length to make up for the class missed. That class does not have to be within the same month or be the same type of class. Those students who have perfect attendance or who have made up all their missed classes receive an award at Spring Production. Payment policy: Realizing that parents get paid at different times during the month. There is no late charge for tuition that is paid within the month that it is due. Cash and checks are accepted for payment. We also have a direct draft system for tuition that comes out of your checking account on the 10th of the month. We do not accept credit or debit cards to save you money. We have a dress code, again to save parents’ money. One leotard and one pair of tights should be all that most students need to wear to class during the year. Dance class does not need to be a fashion show. If you were playing baseball, everyone would have the same uniform. Leotards and tights are kept in stock at the studio all year for your convenience. Dance shoes are fitted and sold on several dates in August and September. Our parade uniform is a studio sweatshirt and red sweat pants that can be worn throughout the winter. The jazz classes wear a studio jacket and black leggings for the parades. These jackets can also be worn throughout the year. We do not change styles every year so the same item can be worn for several years. Costumes for Spring Production are modest. You should never be embarrassed by what your child is wearing or the dance steps that they are doing. One costume is often used for more than one dance and older classes often use the same costume for more that one year, if they still fit .Costume deposits are due in October and November with the balance due in December. Total cost per costume is about $60.00. We are in the business of dance education. Our classes are FUN, but we want our students to LEARN dance technique and terminology. Our preschool ballet classes learn ballet steps by using colors. When they are six, we start using the correct French terminology. Starting at age six acrobatics classes have skills mastered charts, ballet, tap, jazz and musical theatre classes have four terminology worksheets throughout the year. Those who turn in their worksheets on time and have a perfect score receive an award at Spring Production.  We play games in class to help students learn the names of the steps. Our classes follow a syllabus and build from one level to the next. Our classes are limited to ten students per class with Twos and Moms and Nursery Rhyme Tap limited to seven students. We know your name! Parents are encouraged to participate in studio activities. The waiting room has the coffee pot on, current family magazines to read, toys for siblings to play with, and the bathroom even has a diaper changing station for our youngest customers. You may watch your child’s class at any time. You may take pictures or video tape your child  in class. Parents of preschool children may work on building one of our Christmas parade floats. We have won 11 first places along with several 2nd and 3rd place awards in the King parade. Help with setting up and taking down the “Not Too Scary” Haunted House is appreciated as is playing games or serving food at the studio Christmas party. Parents of students who have been at the studio at least two years are asked to be supervisors at Spring Production. Spring Production fee deposits are due February and March with the balance due in May. For payment of this fee each student receives 10 passes to the performance. Tickets are the door are $8.00 each. You may take pictures and/or videotape your child’s performance from your seat. There is a separate performance for preschool students that lasts less than one hour. This is at 2:00pm and is back to back with the school age show for the convenience of our families with children in both shows. We keep you informed. At registration, you will receive a handbook that includes our student code of conduct and a proposed calendar for the whole year as well as our policies and specific information for your child’s class. In addition your will receive by e-mail and hard copy on the bulletin board at the studio about five Newsletters throughout the year. Individual students or classes may receive addition e-mails and /or phone calls as needed. We don’t answer the phone during class, but we do return any messages left or any e-mails received.