Full Dance Year Classes

Twos & Moms:
ages 18 months to three years old
offered weekday morning and Saturday morning
( enrollment open September through February)
parent works one on one with their own child
walking, galloping, simple dance movements (ex. Ring around the Rosie)
work with small hula hoops and playground balls
side rolls and forward rolls on mat
skills on
low balance beam    

Creative Movement: ages 3-4
30 minute class once a week offered weekday morning, weeknight, and Sat.
This class is based on pantomime, pretend and make believe
This class is a fun introduction to dance movement
Children learn listening skills, get to use their imagination, learn movement   
skills ( jump, hop, leap, walk, run, gallop, slide) and movement concepts
(fast, slow, big, little)

Acrobatics:  ages 3 - 18
30 minute classes ages 3-5, 45 minute classes ages 6-7, 60 minute classes ages 8-18
classes are offered  once a week 30 minute weekday morning, afternoon and evening
and Saturday, 45 and 60 minute classes are offered weekdays after school and   
evenings with several different skill levels
class begins with warm ups then stretches
acrobatic (counter balance skills) and  tumbling (off balance skills) are taught
basic skills such as side rolls, forward rolls, back rolls, cartwheels, headstands and  
bridges  build to hand stands, splits, front limbers, walkovers, handsprings, and
aerial  cartwheels and back tucks
classes  also learn some skills on a low balance beam   

Ballet: ages 4 - adults
30 minute classes 4-5 year olds, 45 minute classes 6-7 year olds, 60 minute classes 8-adult
90 minute ballet/pointe class for advanced teens
classes offered once a week throughout week (see acrobatics)                             
basic classical ballet training begins with pliés, battement tendus, rond de jambe à terre,
and grand battements  at the barré , center floor French school arm positions, adagio and  
allégro movements, turns, and jumps
beginning with 6 year olds terminology is emphasized as well as technique
additional skills are taught as the student progresses
pointé work is reserved for
advanced  students age 12 or older with individual placement
by teacher

Tap: ages 5 - adults
30 minute classes for 5 year olds, 45 minute classes age 6 - adult
classes are offered once a week after school and  evenings
with a class for 5 year olds on Saturday
classes build from one sound tap actions to complex syncopated rhythm patterns, and    
several tap styles such as buck, rhythm, military and soft shoe
beginning with 6 year olds terminology is emphasized as well as technique

Baton: ages 6 - 18
45 minute classes offered once a week weekday afternoons and evenings
classes build from basic twirls and struts to finger twirls, tosses, rolls, turns and two baton work
all baton students participate in the Christmas parades

Lyrical: ages 8-18
60 minute classes offered once a week weekday afternoon or evening
these classes interpret the words of a song through movement
the technique used is a combination of ballet and modern
some sign language is used in this class
some liturgical dance may also be part of this class

Musical Theatre: ages 8-18
60 minute class offered once a week a weekday evening
this class has two teachers, a vocal teacher who works with singing for 30
minutes every week and a acting and dance teacher who works
with stage movement, pantomime, acting and theatrical dance
these students have the opportunity to perform at local nursing homes,
in the "Not too Scary" Haunted House and at  Spring Production

Jazz: ages 10 - adults
60 minute classes offered once a week
classical style jazz with elements of modern  and contemporary dance                  
warm up stretches, isolations, contractions, walks, turns and jumps with attitude
this class also emphasizes terminology as well as technique and performance

Stretch & Strengthen: adults
30 minute class offered Tuesday & Thursday evening and Wednesday morning
Based on the Pilates Method of exercise, this matwork class offers a workout that is "smart" not  "hard"
Benefits include better posture, greater control of abdominal muscles, increased energy
dropin rate/ $7.00  4 class card $24.00

                  Short Session Classes

Nursery Rhyme Tap:
ages birth to 12 months with parent
30 minute class once a week offered weekday morning and Saturday (offered in 4 week sessions)
parent works one on one with their own child
parent holds baby while doing simple tap steps performed in rhythm to nursery rhymes
parent is saying the nursery rhyme while doing the steps
baby receives gentle bouncing, contact with parent, and nursery rhymes
that research has shown to help with reading
parent receives a workout and interaction with other parents

Shag: adults
60 minute classes offered in 4 week sessions on weekday evening
couples or singles taught by a couple        
this class teaches students to dance the shag
basic steps, starting basic, several different men's and ladies' turns, half and full pivot turns
style and counting the beat of the music are emphasized      

Snowflake Classes: ages 3-5  
6 week session of 30 minute classes offered once a week on Saturday afternoon
during January and February
Creative Movement, Acrobatics and Ballet classes
In studio demonstration at final class

Dance Camps: ages 4 - 12
Mini Dance Day Camp ages 4-5  8am - Noon  Monday -Friday  two sessions offered
Dance Day Camp ages 6- 8  8am - 5pm Monday - Friday
Dance Day Camp II age 9-12 8am - 5pm Monday -Friday
Classes offered
Full dance year : September - June
costume and performance  

Students in this program have
performing opportunities
at Stokes Stomp, Kingfest, King, Rural Hall and
Walnut Cove Christmas Parades, National Dance
Week "Not Too Scary" Haunted House plus
opportunities to help others through Cystic Fibrosis
Flip-a-thon, Pop tops for Ronald McDonald House in
W-S, performance at local assisted living facilities
free class during Bring-a-Friend Week and National
Dance Week
PLUS "a Dancer Reads" Contest, Master Classes at
CDM convention and Winter Workshop, Christmas
party, Spring Production at Stevens Center
Limited short term classes     
Nursery Rhyme Tap: infants and mothers - 4 weeks of
30 minute classes once a week
Snowflake Classes: ages 3 -5 - 6 weeks of 30 minute
classes - Creative Movement, Acrobatics and Ballet
offered in Jan. - Feb. - no dancewear required -
demonstration in studio at final class - certificate
Shag Classes: adults 4 one hour classes - couples or
singles offered in summer

Stretch & Strengthen: adults 30 minute classes
offered throughout school year - drop in  or 4 class card

Dance Day Camp: Mini ages 4-5, Day ages 6-8, Day II
ages 9-12 one week sessions offered June - July
full year   ages
18month - 3years
limited   ages
birth - 1 year
full year
ages 3 - 5
ages 3 - 5
full year
ages 8 and up
ages 6 - 12
full year
ages 6 and up
full year
ages 10 and up
full year
We have always tried to schedule classes at times that are most convenient for our parents and
students. For that reason, our schedules are not arbitrarily preset but they are determined by
those who preregister for classes. Please preregister to aid us in best serving your needs.
Our policy in determining at what  age to offer a specific style of dance is:
Does the student have the physical, mental and emotional maturity to benefit from this class?

For full dance year, age is determined as of 12/31  For Camp, age is determined as of 9/1