On March 13, with Governor Cooper's closing of North Carolina schools, we stopped all in person
classes at Miss Joyce's Dance Studio. Our teachers immediately began making videos of class
instruction and sending them to students. Teachers worked from home and later on separate days at
the studio. As phase two came and we were not allowed to open, plans were made for an outdoor
Spring Production at Central Park in King. Zoom meetings were held with parents to get their input.
June 20 and July 11 were set as tentative dates. With the audience limited to 25 and no bathrooms,
we would have had to do one class at a time and clear everyone for the next class. Not even all
brothers and sisters of dancers could attend with this number limit. Phase two was in effect through
June 26 and then extended again. With these restrictions and the number of cases going up, on June
15 I cancelled the Spring Production. Students colored pictures and sent them to local nursing
homes. We had a name the bear contest. Holly Hippo and Miss Joyce participated in a "Super
Heroes" parade at Universal Health Care. Miss Joyce made a video for the King Public Library for
their summer reading program. We had drive by registration August 27 and 29 for our 4 week
September video session.
Students came to pick up costumes.
Students practiced at home
  • Class size to comply with 30% occupancy: 5 for dance class, 4 for
    acrobatics class, 2 for Twos & Moms (parent & child count as 1)

  • Classrooms disinfected before each class

  • Masks worn by teachers, parents and students age 5 and older when
    in the studio

  • Bathroom cleaned several times each day

  • Temperature checks for staff (no touch thermometer available)

  • Hand sanitizer in each classroom

  • Disinfecting wipes in each classroom

  • Additional masks available, if you forgot your mask

  • Classes socially distant [individual dance spaces marked, on floor and
    at barre with a spot for what you bring into the studio(shoes, coat,  
    water bottle) all color coded - individual mat for each student in

  • Additional ventilation (we can keep the windows and doors open)

  • Enter by back door - exit by front door

  • Parents and siblings do not remain inside the building during class
    (there are benches in front and in back of the building)
We are doing everything that we can to keep you SAFE while offering
you an excellent dance education.
   dancing bear
He now has a mask.
Holly Hippo - Super Heroes parade
We are opening for class on October 5th,
with the following measures in place.
Our Covid-19 response